Mini Picante Primo Hot Sauce 1.7oz Bottle

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If you’re up for great flavors with a spicy kick, then you’re in luck! Our MINI PICANTE PRIMO HOT SAUCE contains a secret ingredient that makes a perfect combination to any eastern or western cuisines. Taste the delicious pepper flavor first hand, and you'll be hooked once your palate is introduced to the ideal combination of taste and spice.


Add this to any kind of meal, whether burgers, chicken, meat, or even soup, and you’ll be drooling at every bite.


Key Features:


  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Extra Picante!
  • Made With Love!
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  • Donation Drive.


Our mission is to take care of the elderly. To support this, a part of the profits goes to helping the elderly in Mexico who is not lucky enough to have someone care for them. We will use the budget to provide food, shelter, and other basic needs for everyday life.