11-29-18 Don Jose Luis admited to "Casa Ancianos Amalia Montes A.C.'

In Sahuayo, Michoacán and the surrounding areas theirs very few homes for the elderly. The ones that are existent someone has to sign responsibility to provide medicine and personal needs of the elder admitted that is not available at the home. Since Don Jose Luis had collapsed in November 2018 from a stroke he was no longer able to stay in the room we were renting for him. Don Jose Luis needed 24 hour assistance, thanks to the kind director he was admitted into the home. I just signed as the person responsible for providing medicine for him and paying his hospital bills if he would need to go. I was super excited, so was he. He finally was not going to be alone, he would have friends. I talked to him and told him he had to behave, be nice to the other elders and the nurses because I was signing for him and thanks to everyone who purchases "Picante Primo Hot Sauce" I would be able to continue helping him. He told me the only people he had was me and Ana (the angel who helps me in Michoacán), I told him to rest assured I wouldn't abandon him. 


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