To take care of the abandoned elderly.

Help me put homes for the abandoned elderly! What's not love you top your delicious food with out delicious hot sauce....

& with part of the proceeds we help put a roof over an elder who does not have anyone to take care of them.

"Como te veo, me vi...Y como me ves, te veras"

"How I see you, I once saw myself...How you see me, you shall see yourself"

We all will reach old age, if you were unable to fend for yourself you would want someone to be compassionate towards you. You would not want to see your parents, grandparents or loved one on the street because of old age. I know I would not that is why I, Stephany Gomez, have been donating and will continue to do so to help 1 elderly at a time! Thank you all for your continued support!


I will continue to care for the elderly, like my grandfather took care of us when we were younger.

-Stephany Gomez