"To take care of the abandoned elderly"

My grandfather would pick me up from elementary school. It became our routine to walk to the liquor store to buy a lottery ticket. When I asked him why he bought the lotto he replied, “Because I want to put a home for the abandoned elderly in Michoacán”. At the age of 9 I told him, “Don’t worry, Abuelito. I will put one in your lifetime.” Which is why part of the proceeds from the Picante Primo Hot Sauce have gone to helping the elderly in Michoacán, who are not as fortunate to have someone care for them. We feed the elderly, buy them medicine, and put a roof over their head. As of today, we have sold over 150,000 bottles. Would you like to try “Picante Primo”, Le pongo chilito primo? [Want some hot sauce with that cousin?]


Our dream is to have nursing homes in Mexico for elders who are not lucky enough to have someone to care for them and cannot fend for themselves. Follow our instagram page @picanteprimo or check out our blog to follow our journey.