About Us

My name is Stephany Gomez...

My family opened up restaurants in order to provide quality food to everyone's table. One of my most important and memorable moments is making hot sauces with my father. We’ve been doing that since I was a little girl and now we decided to share our secret recipe. We present to you “Picante Primo Hot Sauce”. Not only did my father teach me how to make delicious hot sauce, he also taught me the importance of compassion for our elders. While my parents were running the restaurant, my grandfather would pick me up from elementary school. It became our routine to walk to the liquor store to buy a lottery ticket. When I asked him why he bought the lotto he replied, “Because I want to put a home for the abandoned elderly in Michoacán”. At the age of 9 I told him, “Don’t worry, Abuelito. I will put one in your lifetime.” Which is why part of the proceeds from the Picante Primo Hot Sauce have gone to helping the elderly in Michoacán, who are not as fortunate to have someone care for them. We feed the elderly, buy them medicine, and put a roof over their head. As of today, we have sold over 16,000 bottles. Would you like to try “Picante Primo”, Le pongo chilito primo? [Want some hot sauce with that cousin?]


 My father & I at my 3rd birthday party then 20 years later at the 23rd Anniversary of our restaurant in La Mirada, CA.