How I first saw them..

When I saw a Facebook video in 2015 that showed these abandoned elders using trash bags filled with more trash bags, old blankets and cardboard boxes as mattresses...I broke into tears. It broke my heart to imagine my grandparents or parents in this situation. I found a way to contact the person who was raising awareness of the necessity the elders in Michoacán, Mexico had. I call Ana an angel, she is a humble women who loves to help others. Ana dedicates her time, which to me is priceless. I started sending profits from the Picante Primo Hot Sauce, to help feed and eventually find homes for these men who had either been stripped of their life earnings or homes by their own families or simply could not work anymore because of old age or disease. I promised Ana I would not abandon them, and thanks to all of those who have continued purchasing Picante Primo I have been able to continue helping many more abandoned elders!

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